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Criteo's Search Expansion Solution

Criteo allows you to effectively re-engage with your potential customers after they leave your website using targeted advertising banners.

While browsing your website, Criteo tags your potential customers with an anonymous cookie* and tracks the product they have shown interest in. When potential customers leave your website and visit other pages on the Internet, Criteo finds your lost prospects and retargets them with unique personalized banner ads featuring product-level recommendations based on their browsing history on your website. Each Criteo banner is created per viewer in real-time optimizing the placement, creative and products displayed to achieve the highest click-through-rate (CTR). Criteo's dynamic banner ads bring ready-to-buy shoppers back to your website to complete their transaction.


Criteo At-A-Glance – Download the PDF

*   Criteo respect consumers' privacy. Users are identified and retargeted via an anonymous cookie; therefore, no personally identifiable information (PII) is stored. If a user does not wish to be retargeted, they can easily opt-out of Criteo campaigns. For more information see Criteo's privacy policy.