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Pay per click, benefit from impressions

Criteo brings the efficiencies of the pay-per-click (PPC) model to the display world.

The PPC pricing model gives you complete control of your campaign volume and ROI.

Define your budget and CPC

Criteo’s PPC personalized retargeting solution allows you to set the price

It's up to you to determine what budget you want to allocate to each campaign. Decide on your cost-per-click (CPC) that you are willing to pay. Your dedicated account manager will assist you in defining and maintaining most optimal CPC that fits in best with your plans and meets your campaign goals.

Only pay for clicks that bring users back to your site

Criteo’s PPC retargeting enables transparent reporting

Criteo provides a pure cost-per-click (CPC) pricing model. With Criteo personalized banners you will only be charged for the clicks generated by users coming back to your site and not for the banner impressions served. Criteo provides a full-service solution on a CPC basis including: personalized banner design, media buying, ad serving, campaign optimization, and real-time reporting

Get free branding exposure from the banners

Criteo pay per click banners drive incremental brand affinity and sales

One of the built-in advantages of the Criteo PPC model, is the free branding effect you benefit. Studies have shown that on average each click results in a strong view through effect which means twice as many visits from users who have seen but not clicked on one of your branded banners. With Criteo you are not charged for any "view through" results.

Overall Criteo's personalized retargeting solution performs significantly better than other retargeting and standard banner campaigns. Criteo’s unique solution is complementary to other marketing channels such as search engine marketing.

criteo_logo_white Other retargeting programs Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Business Model PPC / CPC CPA with "view through" PPC / CPC
Conversion rates Very high Low High
Creative Costs None High Low
Media planning costs None High High
Branding effect Free view through CPA for view through No view through effect