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Driving ROI with Search Expansion

Personalized Message + Campaign Control + Measurable Results + Resource Savings = Phenomenal ROI

Display a personalized message to an ultra qualified audience

Focused ROI. Retargeting only potential customers that have previously been to your websites allows you to personalize your marketing message and focus your efforts on your most valuable prospects.

Have total control of your campaign

Manage your ROI. Criteo enables you to have full control on the campaign length and budget spent. You can adjust and optimize your CPC to achieve your desired results at any time. Criteo can also automatically optimize the campaign depending on the performance and strategy for your site.

See immediate and measurable results

Discover real ROI. Criteo offers attractive CPC pricing for personalized retargeted banners. As a result each, every penny spent is an investment in a potential customer. Due to the precisely targeted and personalized nature of this type of advertising, the post-click conversion rates are significantly higher than other types of advertising.

Get set-up in a few simple steps

Resources saved = higher ROI.Criteo offers a full-service solution to minimize the time and resources you need to spend on setting up the campaign. From banner design to media planning to implementation – Criteo's experienced team will make sure your campaign is optimized. Criteo simplifies implementation even further by working with existing analytics tools.

Why it's effective at driving ROI