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Why settle for less than full service?

Criteo offers the most advanced, full-service, PPC search expansion solution.

Product-level Personalization

Criteo provides the ultimate level of dynamic banner personalization.  Criteo banners are created real-time for each viewer and feature up to 10 previously view products and relevant product recommendations – based on Criteo's proprietary purchase prediction technology. Criteo's personalized banners have proven to drive 6 times the click-through-rate (CTR) compared to other retargeted banners.

Full Campaign Control

At Criteo, you are in the driver's seat with no minimum budgets and no time commitments. With Criteo’s revolutionary CPC Bidding Tool you have the flexibility to set and adjust your CPC online for each of your customized product categories maximizing your overall campaign ROI.

Scalable Solution

Criteo works with a wide range of premium publishers to find your customers across the Internet after they leave your website. Criteo displays billions of unique retargeting banners monthly.

Low Risk PPC model

While Criteo buys impressions on a CPM basis, you pay only for clicks (PPC)  that drive ready-to-buy shoppers back to your website – you never pay for the branding effect coming from impression "view through" or mouse-over banner engagement.

Real ROI

Criteo is the only retargeting provider offering a Pure CPC model. With Criteo, your ROI is based only on actual sales resulting from "post click" conversions – no "view through" or "mouse over" calculations.


Criteo offers full-service retargeting campaign design and deployment, including: personalized banner design, media buying, ad serving, campaign optimization, and real-time reporting.

CPC Bidding by Category

CPC can be adjusted for each customized product category, allowing advertisers to optimize cost-of-sales by category.

Compatible with leading SEM Platforms

Advertisers and agencies can access Criteo through designated tools, such as Marin Software or Kenshoo

Full API access

SEM agencies can integrate Criteo into their own bidding and tracking platform to perform complete funnel management and attribution.


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